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Why Run?

Project Details

We run for the impoverished children from the Belle Fontaine, Haiti community.  100% of the proceeds from the run will go towards assisting over 4,000 students with school supplies, books for education, teacher salaries, and continued education for the teachers.  Our assistance allows them the opportunity to become empowered and take ownersip of their future.  Join us in supporting this effort to serve the least among us.

Our Mission

To form a spiritual partnership with our brothers and

sisters of Notre Dame du Lourdes parish in Haiti.  To

help improve the education, health and self-sufficiency

of the parishioners and the communities in which they

live. To put into action Jesus’ call for us to serve the



The All Saints Haiti Committee was formed in 2001 as a

sub-committee of the Social Justice committee.  We

were joined with the parish of Notre Dame du Lourdes

as part of the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas. 

We share this important mission with St. Mary’s

Catholic Church in Vinton, and St. Johns in Mt. Vernon, Ia 

Belle Fontaine

Father Jean Eddy Louis is the parish priest who serves 25 small villages, each with a chapel and a parish school, in the rural mountains of

Haiti.  The parish has approximately 4,000 students and

40,000 parishioners. Check out the Belle Fontaine area of Haiti, in which our parish is located on Google Earth!